How To Choose The Anti-hanging Membrane Sealing Scheme For The Circular Tank?

In the sewage treatment plant, the tanks are mainly square tanks and round tanks. Generally, the square tank adopts an arched sealing scheme.

How long can the sewage tank be used normally?

The film has good anti-corrosion performance, light self weight, the most advantage for large-span pool body, various shapes, beautiful and novel.

Fully closed gas film coal shed, a new way of environmental protection coal storage

In the whole process from production to application, there is no dust produced in the gas film coal shed; the indoor is totally closed, and the discharge of waste gas, sewage and soil is prohibited.

How to clean the anti lifting film?

The anti lifting film itself has good self-cleaning property. Generally, it does not need to be cleaned and is not recommended to be cleaned. After all, improper cleaning will shorten the service life of the anti lifting film.

Large span anti hanging membrane, a new way of environmental protection capping

In order to reduce the impact of WWTP on the surrounding environment as much as possible, it is imperative to carry out membrane capping deodorization project for WWTP structures.

What are the aspects of green environmental protection of air film building?

The appearance of gas film buildings has opened the building form of energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon. There will not be any construction waste in the construction process

New environmental protection deodorization and capping method in Zhanji

In recent years, the unreasonable discharge of waste gas and waste water is the main cause of environmental pollution. It is imperative to collect and purify the waste gas. It is a common solution to collect and reprocess the waste gas by using the anti hanging membrane.

What Standards Does The Anti-hanging Film Cap Need To Meet To Be A Qualified Project?

The reverse-hanging membrane covering of the sewage tank can well inhibit the harmful exhaust gas in the sewage tank from being emitted into the air. The utilization rate of the cover of the sewage tank is getting higher and higher, and it has a very good effect on the collection and treatment of waste gas.

How Does The Membrane Structure Of The Sewage Pond Treat The Malodorous Gas In The Pond?

The membrane structure is applied to the sewage tank. The odorous gas in the pool is sealed up and undergoes a gas treatment process. Release gas that meets emission standards.

What Are The Advantages Of Applying Air film Structure In Granary?

What the granary needs to solve is the problem of sheltering from wind, rain, and moisture. The airtightness of the granary is directly related to the safety and quality of grain storage, and is a prerequisite for safe grain storage.