Pay Attention To These Five Points When Installing Anti-hanging Membrane Of Sewage Tank

The emergence of anti-hanging membranes in the sewage pond effectively solved the situation where the odors in the sewage pond were randomly distributed. It also improves the quality of the surrounding environment.

How To Meet The Quality Standard Of Reverse Hanging Tensile Fabric Structure?

In the process of making anti-hanging membrane, we must do well in every process. If we make a wrong step, it will affect the quality of the anti-hanging membrane project.

Can The Membrane Structure Stand Resist Typhoons?

Membrane structure stands an important building material in modern buildings. It has stable performance, good toughness, convenient processing and production, is suitable for mass production, and is easy to control quality and fast installation. It is a combination of performance, beauty and environmental protection.

What Is The Difference Between The Gas Film Intelligent Warehouse And The Traditional Concrete Warehouse?

With the development of the Internet era, people are buying more and more goods. Basically, each manufacturer will have its own warehouse for storing goods.

Four Elements In The Design Of Sewage Pond Capping Project

Sewage tank capping project is a good choice for modern management. For this project design and construction, there are many preparations required, which need to be jointly completed by the owner, design, supervision, quality inspection and other departments.

What Is The Principle Of Deodorization Covered By Sewage Tank?

Sewage pond cover can effectively solve the odor.

The Preparation Work That Needs To Be Done Before The Construction Of Membrane Structure Project

Before the membrane structure​ construction, make sufficient preparations, the implementation work can be carried out in a systematic way. At the same time, when we make good preparations, the quality of the project, the timely delivery of the project is also a guarantee.

What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Membrane Structure Wastewater Pool Product?

In the process of membrane structure engineering implementation, not only can improve its own pollutant control effect, but also can ensure the treatment and deodorization of odorous gases can be realized.

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When The Sewage Tank Is Covered?

The purpose of sewage pond cap is to prevent waste odorous gas from spilling out of the sewage pond. Three points should be paid attention to when sewage pond cap is done.

What Is The Environmental Protection And Safety Role Of Gas Film Coal Shed?

The gas film construction cycle is fast, pollution-free and safe, which is very suitable for the coal storage in coal yard.