What Is Anti-Hanging Film Capping?

Reverse-hanging film capping is a better type of sewage tank capping at this stage, and it is also a commonly used sewage tank capping method.

Features of prefabricated inflatable membrane buildings

Inflatable membrane building is a form of fast-installed building, a new type of green building, and in-depth promotion of green building.

Air Dome Building-the Integration Of Environmental Protection Concept And Modern Architectural Design

Air dome building is an organic combination of low-carbon environmental protection concept and modern architecture. Air film building has innovative features such as energy saving, land saving and material saving.

The Air Dome Structure Is Safer Than You Think

Air dome construction has been rapidly developed in my country in recent years, and has been well applied in environmental protection industries such as sports, industry, and commerce.

Air Dome Coal Shed Solves Dust Pollution In Coal Yard

The gas film coal shed uses its strength to solve the dust pollution of the coal yard, improve the coal storage environment of the coal yard, and lead the coal yard to a new direction of development.

The Environmental Protection Effect Brought By The Construction Of The Air Dome Gymnasium

The charm of the air film gymnasium is not only to isolate and prevent haze, whether it is hot summer or ice and snow, the air film gymnasium can satisfy you to enjoy the joy of sports.

Digital Air Dome Coal Shed Brings You A New Experience

The gas film coal shed is made of new environmental protection technology and materials, and it is a digital environmental protection gas film coal shed. The air film coal shed with "new technology, new appearance and new construction" will bring you a brand new experience.

Reverse Hanging Tensile Fabric Structure Design And Installation

With the continuous development of society and economy, people's concept of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. In order to reduce the pollution caused by industrial wastewater production to the environment, the application of anti-hanging film in the sewage pond was born.

The Main Function Of The Reverse Hanging Film Cap Of The Sewage Tank

The anti-hanging membrane cover of the sewage tank is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has remarkable deodorization. The cover operation of the cesspool also breaks the phenomenon of incomplete collection of waste gas from the traditional cesspool, and provides a foundation for the environmental protection transformation of enterprises.

What kind of film material is used for the anti-hanging film?

The anti-hanging membrane has obvious effect in the treatment of sewage and waste gas, and the membrane material has a great advantage.

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