How to Ensure the Quality of the Anti-hanging Membrane Project in the Sewage Tank?

The anti-hanging membrane structure is a new type of sewage tank waste gas deodorization method, and its appearance has made outstanding contributions to environmental governance to a certain extent.

Two Ways to Treat Waste Gas With Reverse-hanging Membrane and Cover in Sewage Tank

Sewage tank anti-hanging film​ capping mainly includes steel frame anti-hanging film capping and tensile anti-hanging film capping. Different capping methods have different effects on exhaust gas deodorization. There are two ways to cover the sewage tank with reverse hanging film, one is to add a lower cover, the other is to add a higher cover.

How to Extend the Service Life of the New Type of Sewage Tank Reverse Hanging Membrane?

The reverse hanging membrane is a new type of wastewater treatment method for sewage pond waste gas. It not only has a novel structure, but also meets the needs of large-span tank cover.

Reasons for Reverse Hanging Film Installation

The membrane structures we often see are constructed with steel structures inside and membrane materials outside. The anti-hanging film is different, it is installed for anti-hanging. So why should the anti-hanging film be installed in this anti-hanging form?

Method for Repairing Damage to Membrane Structure of Sewage Tank

With the development of membrane structure buildings, the membrane structure​ of sewage ponds gradually covers most of the sewage ponds, and the covering of sewage ponds is also the main deodorizing method nowadays. However, with the growth of the use cycle, a few sewage pond membrane structures have been damaged, which greatly affects the user experience and deodorization effect.

The Steel Supporting Anti-hanging Membrane Realizes the Perfect Combination of Structural Framework and Covering Material

Due to the continuous advancement of industrial technology, the cover of the sewage tank has evolved from the traditional capping method to the cover of the membrane structure.

The Importance of Membrane Structure Form-Finding

Membrane structure form finding is the initial step of membrane structure design. In this process, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the building\\\\\\\'s plan/facade requirements, building functions, and lower supporting conditions to determine the curved surface that meets the boundary conditions and mechanical balance requirements shape.

Air Film Gymnasium Brings you a Different New Sports and Fitness Experience

National fitness has become normal, and my country’s demand for stadium construction is increasing. Air-film stadiums have the characteristics of simple approval procedures, low operating costs, short construction period, and comfortable internal environment. They can become a new choice for many stadium builders.

How Much is the Anti-hanging Membrane of the Sewage Tank Per Square Meter?

The main factor of how much the reverse hanging membrane of the sewage pond is per square meter is the design of the membrane structure, which determines the core issues such as the area of ​​the membrane, the amount of steel used, the difficulty of construction and so on. The reverse hanging membrane of the sewage pond There is also a relative difference in prices.

What Should I do if Water Accumulates in the Membrane Structure Sports Stand on Rainy Days?

Under normal circumstances, the membrane structure stands are designed with drainage systems, which can effectively drain the rainwater in accordance with the large slope of the membrane surface. If water accumulation occurs, it means that there is a problem with the entire drainage system, and the accumulated water needs to be removed in time And repair the drainage system.

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