Are the Sewage Tank Capping and Sealing Projects the Same in Different Industries?

Due to different industrial productions, the exhaust gas components produced are different, and the materials and installation requirements are also different.

How to Determine the Cutting Line for the Membrane Cover of the Sewage Tank?

When using a membrane structure to deodorize exhaust gas, determine the exact position of the cutting line to avoid waste of membrane materials.

Three Manifestations of the Anti-hanging Film on the Sewage Tank

The problem of waste gas pollution from sewage ponds has become one of the important issues affecting ecological and environmental protection, especially for enterprises in some industrial production areas. Unreasonable discharge of sewage and other issues have caused serious pollution to the environment. Therefore, the sewage pond must be rehabilitated. Cover treatment to prevent unreasonable discharge of waste water and waste gas from polluting the environment.

Why Choose Environmental Membrane Materials for Sewage Tank Sealing?

There are many kinds of sewage tank sealing materials, most of which are hard materials. The environmental membrane materials are different from those traditional membrane materials. Why do you choose environmental membrane materials‚Äč as the sealing material for sewage tank sealing?

What if the Air Dome Building is Accidentally Damaged?

The main material used in the air dome building is the membrane material, which has good light transmittance, light reflection, and diffuse light performance. It does not need to turn on lights during the day, and natural lighting can meet the requirements of use.

How to Install Sewage Pond Membrane Structure with High Quality?

We know that the construction of sewage pond membrane structure is a comprehensive matter. If the processing and installation of engineering components are not done well, many problems will still occur. So, what specifications should we pay attention to and follow when processing and installing sewage tank membrane caps?

Sinkhole Deodorization and Capping is an Important Step to Protect the Environment

Anti-hanging film is a commonly used method of capping now, which can seal the waste gas produced by the sewage tank, and then carry out purification and other treatments to reduce the harm of the sewage tank.

How to Reduce the Price of Anti-hanging Film on the Sewage Tank?

Most companies have chosen anti-hanging membranes to deodorize and cover the sewage tanks, so the price of anti-hanging membranes has become a matter of concern to everyone, so how to reduce the price of anti-hanging membranes?

What are the Factors that Determine the Price of Anti-hanging Film?

The anti-hanging membrane is a scientific and technological way of capping that conforms to the development of environmental protection, and it is the most common way of capping and sealing sewage tanks in recent years.

How to Choose the Anti-hanging Membrane Engineering Membrane Material?

Membrane material is a new material in the construction industry. Due to the difference in the use environment, there are different types and parameters of subdivision.