What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Membrane Structure Wastewater Pool Product?

In the process of membrane structure engineering implementation, not only can improve its own pollutant control effect, but also can ensure the treatment and deodorization of odorous gases can be realized.

What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When The Sewage Tank Is Covered?

The purpose of sewage pond cap is to prevent waste odorous gas from spilling out of the sewage pond. Three points should be paid attention to when sewage pond cap is done.

What Is The Environmental Protection And Safety Role Of Gas Film Coal Shed?

The gas film construction cycle is fast, pollution-free and safe, which is very suitable for the coal storage in coal yard.

What issues should be paid attention to when cutting membrane materials?

The indispensable step in constructing the membrane structure is to cut the membrane material. The success of this step is related to the construction quality in the later stage.

New Intelligent Green Environmental Protection Gas Membrane Structure

The gas film building is a green building that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a new type of building that can be built in a short time and saves building materials and energy consumption.

Can The New Environmentally Friendly Gas Film Coal Shed Effectively Solve The Dust Pollution?

The air pollution in our country is very serious. Many coal sales companies are trying to control the pollution of the coal yard to the outside air. The gas-coated coal shed is used to completely close the original coal yard.

Why can the membrane structure change shape?

The high performance of the membrane material is the basis of the variable shape of the membrane structure.

What Aspects Should Be Considered When Purchasing Membrane Structure Materials?

The purchase of membrane structure materials is very important. The performance stability of membrane structure buildings is determined by many factors, and the choice of materials accounts for half of them.

Analysis On Construction Design Of Steel Frame Covered With Sewage Tank

Sewage tank capping is a relatively new form of construction. The materials used are mainly high-strength thin-film materials.

How Many Bonding Methods Are There For Membrane Structure Engineering Membrane Materials?

Membrane structure engineering is formed by combining and splicing a large number of membrane materials, so the adhesion between membranes is very important.