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Inflatable structure, also known as "inflatable membrane structure", refers to the structure of a house formed by filling air in the tensile membrane structure made of high polymer materials.

The structure can be divided into two types:

Air-supported Membrane Structure

The air-supported membrane structure (cable-membrane structure) inflates the air into the building through the pressure control system, which keeps a certain pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, makes the covering membrane subject to buoyancy and produces a certain pre-stressing stress to ensure the stiffness of the system. Indoor air pressure automatic regulation system is set up to adjust indoor and outdoor air pressure in time to adapt to the change of external load. Because there is no need for any support in the span, it is suitable for super-long-span buildings and is generally used in large-scale gymnasiums.

Inflated Membrane Structure (Rib Type Inflatable Air Dome)

The inflatable membrane structure inflates into a single membrane member to maintain enough internal pressure. The combination of multiple membrane members can form a whole force system of a certain shape. This structure requires high air tightness of the membrane itself or needs to continuously inflate into the membrane member.


1. High space utilization rate: super large space, no frame,nobeam,orcolumn inside, 100% space utilization.

2. Fully intelligent control: Intelligent system,onlinemonitoring data. Ultra short construction period: simple construction, installation only 10 days.

3. Easy maintenance  and operation: operation cost is low and maintenance is simple.

4. Safety, environmental protection and energy saving: light weight, wind resistance, anti-corrosion, energy saving and environmental protection.

5. Air quality monitoring: Clean air, anti-fog and haze, adjustable temperature and humidity.

6. Portable  reuse: Portable removable, simple disassembly, no loss, reusable.                

1. Industrial environmental protection: landfill, sewage treatment, soil remediation, industrial residue treatment, etc.

2. Sports architecture: badminton, tennis, football, basketball, swimming, ice hockey, golf, bicycle and other stadiums

3. Logistics warehousing: warehouse storage, coal storage, low temperature warehousing and other commercial exhibitions: various exhibitions, large-scale performances, sales centers, reception centers, etc.

1. Professional design: The company's professional technical designers and experienced construction team, adhering to a rigorous and scientific attitude, can tailor-made professional venues for the owners according to the owner's site, climate and other factors, in line with the national professional "Membrane Structure Technical Regulations" (CECS158:2004) standards and "Membrane Structure Construction Quality" Quantity Acceptance Specification (DB11/T743-2010)

2. Use special tensile membrane  for air domes: energy consumption is 10-20% lower than that of traditional buildings. The special tensile membrane for air dome can be used in combination with light transmission, light insulation or light transmission and light insulation. The material has excellent flame retardant ability, self-cleaning, thermo-qualitative, acoustic performance, optical performance and thermal insulation (heat insulation).

3. Intelligent control system: remote intelligent control, can monitor the operation status of the air dome at any time and anywhere, improve the safety of the whole air dome building system, add energy-saving module with superior performance in the control system, make the air dome building energy saving and more environment friendly.

4. Mechanical System: High-efficiency integrated energy-saving mechanical and electrical supporting system integrates the air-filling, fresh air, air-conditioning, temperature and humidity control and standby system, so as to integrate the safety, integration and durability of air-film building equipment.

5. Steel Cable Reinforcement System: According to the needs of the project, the installation of steel cable system can be considered to effectively distribute the load on the membrane structure to the steel cable and anchorage system, reduce the load on the main body of the membrane, thereby improving the anti-snow, anti-seismic and anti-compressive capacity of the membrane.

6. Lighting system: professional lighting design can be considered according to site use, such as lamp, reflection, spotlight, etc.

7. Foundation Anchorage System: The investment of air dome building in foundation is 20-50% less than that of steel structure. It is prominent in long-span buildings. Foundation Anchorage System distributes the uplift force of membrane evenly to the ground beam, so that the load distribution of membrane body is uniform. It has more advantages than other structures in anti-snowstorm, anti-seismic and anti-settlement deformation.

8. Air purification system-exhaust gas treatment system: According to the requirements of air dome venues, the air purification system installed can filter and isolate 99% PM2.5 to create a clean and comfortable sports space; the air dome can collect industrial exhaust gas and other harmful gases centrally and orderly through the installation of exhaust gas treatment device in industry and environmental protection, and also collect the gas places in an orderly manner. After-treatment combustion or emission up to standard


No beam and no column

Large span space without beams and columns overcomes the difficulties and challenges encountered by traditional forms in realizing large span without supports.It can create huge large span space without shelter, and the utilization rate of space can reach 100%.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Inflatable membrane structure is recognized as an  energy-saving building in North America and Europe, which can

achieve great building space with very little resource consumption. With only about 20%~25% of the air-conditioning consumption of the traditional structure gymnasium,the air dome can achieve the cooling and heating effect of the same area gymnasium and create a comfortable indoor sports environment.

Rapid construction

The main production and processing of the air dome building are completed in the factory. It takes only 10 days to install after arrival. Emergency rescue and temporary inflatable building can be installed and inflatable forming can be put into use quickly after arrival. No noise, dust and construction waste in the construction site.

Security and stability

Inflatable membrane structures have been used  safely for nearly half a century in developed  countries in North America and Europe. The overall  shape of the curved surface structure design is the  minimum wind resistance building. The wind resistance is effectively improved by connecting the  steel wire mesh with the foundation. Adding the design of snow melting system in the cold area can effectively resist the snow load.

Light weight and low price

The self-weight of the inflatable membrane structure is about 3 kilograms per square meter. The comprehensive cost of the inflatable structure is only 30% to 40% of the cost of the traditional building structure. No decoration cost is needed after one construction.

Remote Intelligence

Online data monitoring of buildings (such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, PM2.5 index, dust concentration, etc.) can help customers understand the overall operation of air Dome buildings at any time and anywhere. So as to ensure that the air Dome building is in a safe, stable and energy-saving operation state.

Simple Maintenance

Air Dome isconnected by high temperature thermal melting without leakage and structural corrosion. The mechanical system is mature and stable. Self-cleaning film is used to resist corrosion, acid and alkali, mildew and bacteria. The daily maintenance cost is very low.

Convenient migration

Inflatable membrane structure is a movable building, which can provide fast and convenient large-span building space for holding large-scale activities and temporary exhibitions. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble, reusable and can be used to the greatest extent.