Reverse Hanging Tensile Fabric Structure Design And Installation

With the continuous development of society and economy, people's concept of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. In order to reduce the pollution caused by industrial wastewater production to the environment, the application of anti-hanging film in the sewage pond was born.

The Main Function Of The Reverse Hanging Film Cap Of The Sewage Tank

The anti-hanging membrane cover of the sewage tank is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has remarkable deodorization. The cover operation of the cesspool also breaks the phenomenon of incomplete collection of waste gas from the traditional cesspool, and provides a foundation for the environmental protection transformation of enterprises.

What kind of film material is used for the anti-hanging film?

The anti-hanging membrane has obvious effect in the treatment of sewage and waste gas, and the membrane material has a great advantage.

Zhanji Landscape Membrane Structure Brings You A Different Visual Experience

The membrane structure is integrated with the natural landscape, as if it were originally part of the natural landscape, which is pleasing to the eye.

Why Is There A Price Gap For The Same Air Film Construction Area?

The price of an air film building is not only determined by the area, but the construction plan requirements of each air film building are different. The quotations for gas film projects are based on customer needs and construction plans.

Why Is Membrane Structure So Popular?

The application of membrane structure in our lives has become more and more extensive. If you pay attention to it, you will find that membrane structure has been applied to many buildings in our lives.

Working Principle Of Air Dome Coal Shed And Precautions For Later Maintenance

Air dome coal shed provides a good way to store coal for enterprises. The key to the transformation of the coal storage yard is the closed design, and the air dome coal shed has an advantage in the closed design.

What Are The Reasons For The Use Of Steel Support For The Reverse Hanging Tensile Fabric Structure?

In terms of the deodorization of sewage tanks, the advantages of the reverse hanging tensile fabric structure​ steel structure are fully utilized.

What Method Is Used To Weld The Membrane Material Of The Sewage Tank Cover ?

The membrane material connection of the Sewage Tank Cover is usually heated by the heat method. The heat method guarantees the seamless connection between the membranes and the cutting is satisfactory.

Sealing Advantages Of Sewage Tank Tensile Fabric Structure Cover

The membrane structure of the sewage pond is sealed on the sewage pond, which mainly seals and collects the malodorous gas discharged out of order in the pond, and then uses deodorizing equipment, pipelines, etc. for treatment, and discharges up to the standard.

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