What is the anti-noise effect of membrane structure building?

Membrane structure building is favored by people because of its free and lightweight shape, flame retardant, simple manufacture, quick installation, energy saving, easy and safe use. People can see a smooth membrane structure building with unique shape. So what is the sound insulation effect of this membrane structure building?

Application of Air Film Architecture in Industry

As a leading enterprise in China\'s membrane structure industry, Zhan Ji not only integrates foreign advanced new technologies, new materials and new processes, but also has an independent production and research base covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters.

What is the effect of sewage pool sealing on waste gas treatment

Anti-hanging membrane is a capping method with the best reputation and obvious deodorization effect at present, with high cost performance. if you have any questions about the specific matters of anti-hanging membrane, you can directly consult Shanghai exhibition and hope!

Introduction to the Effect of Using Environmental Protection Gas Film Coal Shed to Store Coal

The ventilation system of the gas film coal shed automatically controls the air pressure in the coal bunker and can automatically ventilate regularly. After the gas film completely seals the coal yard, it can prevent the coal dust from flying, reduce the natural loss and heat loss of the coal pile, and prevent the air pollution caused by the coal dust flying.

The most practical method is to lift the membrane upside down and seal the sewage tank.

The inverted membrane is mainly steel structure, and the membrane material is inverted on the inner side of the steel structure, so that the steel structure does not contact with the waste gas in the tank, and the normal service life of the steel structure is ensured.

Air dome buildling : greener and more environmentally friendly than traditional architecture

With the continuous progress of science and technology, air-film buildings have entered people\\\'s lives. Film materials are used as building shells for air-film buildings.

Green Building in New Era —Air dome building

The air film building is a closed large-span headroom structure with a maximum span of 180 meters and an unlimited length. The cost of membrane material is low, and the weight of roof is only 1/30 of that of conventional steel roof, thus reducing the cost of wall and foundation.

Why is the application of air film gymnasium more and more widespread?

With the development of heavy industry in recent decades, the weather in China is also worrying, especially the appearance of haze, which also affects people to do outdoor sports, and the air membrane stadium can effectively solve this problem.

The sewage pool is covered with reverse hanging membrane

In recent years, the state for the environment protection construction has gradually in full swing, the sewage pool of stench gas pollution, especially the large basin gas collection has always been a headache problem, such as corrosion resistance, impermeability, use fixed number of year, the Shanghai exhibition in reverse hanging membrane can be one-time solve these problems, the film is a kind of membrane structure architecture, the use of membrane material has good corrosion resistance, long

Gas film building - a high-tech green building

With the development of modern society, the gas film building gradually become the development trend, in the city can see the emergence of more and more construction ofgas film, the gas film construction has entered people\'s lives, gas film architectural membrane material used by architectural membrane material is the latest model of environmental protection, and membrane material itself has the very good self-cleaning.