How to maintain exhaust gas treatment equipment to reduce maintenance costs?

When we use exhaust gas treatment equipment, we often overlook the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment.

What risks can be avoided by covering the sewage tank with anti hanging membrane?

The usage rate of reverse hanging membrane covering in sewage tanks is increasing now. So, what risks can reverse hanging membrane covering in sewage tanks avoid? Let's take a closer look together.

Choose air film building to see which advantages?

With the progress of science and technology and the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, gas film building, as an innovative form of building, is gradually favored by people.So, when choosing a gas film building, what advantages should we pay attention to?

Where is the difficulty of VOCs pollution control?

In recent years, ozone pollution has become a difficult problem affecting the improvement of atmospheric environment quality. As one of the main precursors of ozone formation, VOCs pollution control is an important topic for the "14th Five-Year Plan" PM2.5 and ozone collaborative control. Where is the difficulty of VOCs pollution control?

Transform the football field, the characteristics of the gas membrane indoor football field

Inflatable membrane football stadium belongs to the indoor football field, the main structure adopts membrane structure design, the principle is the same as that of large balloons, due to the difference in internal and external pressure of the membrane structure, the tens of tons of membrane structure expands, and the surrounding is connected with the ground and anchored by steel cables and concrete ground, forming a tight air support structure, which can be built in the shortest time.

The advantages of reverse hanging membrane in sewage tank are analyzed

Let's understand the reverse hanging membrane from the perspective of membrane structure. The anti-hanging membrane of the sewage tank is generally made of high-strength polyester fiber film, which has good tensile properties and corrosion resistance.

Innovative design of gas film coal storage shed

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness, coal yard closure has become a trend. As a new sealing method of coal yard, gas film coal storage shed is leading the development of the new era of coal yard with its unique innovative design and excellent performance.

VOCs Waste gas treatment: why do we need to pay attention to it

With the rapid development of industrialization, the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhaust gas is constantly increasing, posing a serious threat to the environment and human health.

Air film basketball court price is reasonable, gymnasium new choice

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the gymnasium has become an important place for people to carry out sports activities and entertainment.

Opinions on the Deodorization of Sewage Pools and Capping

In environmental engineering, capping is one of the common and effective methods for sewage deodorization. Moreover, by covering the sewage treatment tank, the surrounding environment is effectively protected, achieving the purpose of purifying the foul gas in the sewage treatment tank. It can effectively prevent the diffusion and release of foul gas, thereby reducing its impact on the surrounding environment and human health.

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