The Anti-hanging Film can Cover and Seal Most Sewage Tanks

Anti-hanging membrane is the key to the treatment of sewage pond waste gas, and the treatment of sewage pond waste gas has become the primary goal of my country\'s environmental problems. The anti-hanging film​ can perfectly solve the waste gas problem of the enterprise sewage pond. In addition, the reverse-hanging membrane capping of the sewage tank is the most flexible of all sewage tank caps.

How to Solve the Problem of Membrane Capping in a Large-span Sewage Tank?

There are two ways to cover large-span pools on the market: FRP and anti-hanging membrane.

Anti-hanging film-Deodorization Treatment Method of Industrial Wastewater Station

The anti-hanging membrane sewage plant gas collection cover is one of the capping methods developed to meet the requirements of capping or collection and treatment of waste gas from sewage plants.

What is the Effect of Sealing the Membrane Structure of Sewage Treatment Plant?

Covering and deodorizing waste odor gas from the sewage pond is an environmentally friendly treatment method.

Why is the Application of Membrane Structure in Sewage Pond So Extensive?

The membrane structure of the sewage pond not only realizes the environmental protection production of the enterprise, but also avoids the pollution and damage to the local environment during the production process.

How to Transport the Anti-hanging Membrane Structure?

The anti-hanging film manufacturer will design and develop a set of solutions for the anti-hanging film and capping of the sewage pond according to the needs of the owner and the size of the sewage tank.

What Anti-corrosion Measures Can Be Taken To Cover The Sewage Tank Membrane?

The membrane cover of the sewage tank adopts the principle of reverse suspension of the membrane material, and the steel structure is as the outer layer of the membrane material, thereby extending the service life of the steel structure. The corrosion of the steel structure by the exhaust gas in the sewage tank is fundamentally avoided.

What is included in the quotation for the cesspool stamping project?

Covering the sewage pond is a common method for collecting waste gas from the sewage pond, and is a new technology that is different from the traditional sewage pond sealing and deodorization project.

How to choose air film construction contractor correctly?

Nowadays, the use of air film construction is more and more common, and there are more and more air film manufacturers. Choosing a technically professional and reliable air film construction company is to ensure the quality and safety of the entire membrane structure construction, so how do we choose What?

What are the Characteristics of the Membrane Materials used for the Cover of the Sewage Tank?

Environmental protection projects such as sewage treatment plants are increasing, and many companies have also chosen anti-hanging membranes to cover the sewage tanks to collect waste gas.

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