What is the anti-noise effect of membrane structure building?

Membrane structure building is favored by people because of its free and lightweight shape, flame retardant, simple manufacture, quick installation, energy saving, easy and safe use. People can see a smooth membrane structure building with unique shape. So what is the sound insulation effect of this membrane structure building?

Application of Air Film Architecture in Industry

As a leading enterprise in China\'s membrane structure industry, Zhan Ji not only integrates foreign advanced new technologies, new materials and new processes, but also has an independent production and research base covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters.

What is the effect of sewage pool sealing on waste gas treatment

Anti-hanging membrane is a capping method with the best reputation and obvious deodorization effect at present, with high cost performance. if you have any questions about the specific matters of anti-hanging membrane, you can directly consult Shanghai exhibition and hope!


PVDF membrane polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (polyvinylidene fluoride) is one of the western blot method commonly used in solid support. Is hydrophobic PVDF membrane,membrane pore size is small, with the development of membrane pore size, membrane of low molecular weight protein in combination with the more firmly. More than 20000 choose 0.45 um of membrane protein, less than 20000 protein with 0.2 um film. PVDF membrane when using pretreatment, treated with methanol is the purpose of the activation on the membranes of the positively charged groups, making it easier to combine with the negatively charged proteins. PVDF membrane has high mechanical strength, is the ideal solid phase in imprinting method support materials.

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