Why is the application of air film gymnasium more and more widespread?

With the development of heavy industry in recent decades, the weather in China is also worrying, especially the appearance of haze, which also affects people to do outdoor sports, and the air membrane stadium can effectively solve this problem.

The sewage pool is covered with reverse hanging membrane

In recent years, the state for the environment protection construction has gradually in full swing, the sewage pool of stench gas pollution, especially the large basin gas collection has always been a headache problem, such as corrosion resistance, impermeability, use fixed number of year, the Shanghai exhibition in reverse hanging membrane can be one-time solve these problems, the film is a kind of membrane structure architecture, the use of membrane material has good corrosion resistance, long

Gas film building - a high-tech green building

With the development of modern society, the gas film building gradually become the development trend, in the city can see the emergence of more and more construction ofgas film, the gas film construction has entered people\'s lives, gas film architectural membrane material used by architectural membrane material is the latest model of environmental protection, and membrane material itself has the very good self-cleaning.


PVDF membrane polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (polyvinylidene fluoride) is one of the western blot method commonly used in solid support. Is hydrophobic PVDF membrane,membrane pore size is small, with the development of membrane pore size, membrane of low molecular weight protein in combination with the more firmly. More than 20000 choose 0.45 um of membrane protein, less than 20000 protein with 0.2 um film. PVDF membrane when using pretreatment, treated with methanol is the purpose of the activation on the membranes of the positively charged groups, making it easier to combine with the negatively charged proteins. PVDF membrane has high mechanical strength, is the ideal solid phase in imprinting method support materials.

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