Why more and more people choose gas film coal shed to store coal?

The air film coal shed has no beam or column after inflation, and has a good sense of space. It stands on the ground after inflation, and can be folded and stored after deflation.

Membrane capping of sewage tank is an important measure to protect the environment

The treatment of waste gas from the sewage pool is the most important thing to protect the environment. The correct sealing treatment of the sewage pool can prevent the pollution of the environment caused by the odor gas.

Air membrane building, promoting the development of green ecological environment

The air membrane building has no beam column structure and does not need rigid support. It supports the design form of the whole building system by air pressure.

The function of sealing with reverse lifting film

It is a kind of environmental protection treatment method to cover and deodorize the waste odorous gas in the sewage pool.

Anti lifting film, to protect the green development of enterprises

the use of anti hanging membrane structure breaks through the traditional sewage pool capping mode, making the exhaust gas collection rate meet the emission requirements.

Ventilation design of air film gymnasium in Zhanji

air membrane building is a kind of structure supported by air. Because of its unique structure, it must be sealed. So in such a closed stadium, will it be stuffy? Is it good for sports?

The influence on environment of sewage pool covered with anti hanging membrane

The anti hanging membrane uses the principle of membrane material anti hanging to place the steel structure on the outer layer of membrane material, so as to solve the corrosion of the steel structure by the waste gas in the pool The service life of steel structure is prolonged.

Why is it said that the air film gymnasium is very environmentally friendly?

Inflatable membrane structure gymnasium can be moved at any time. When the gymnasium is not in competition, it can be moved to schools or other places where it needs to be used

What factors affect the price of anti lifting film?

At present, the most popular way to cover the sewage pool is the anti hanging membrane, which is designed and constructed with the help of new building membrane materials with high self-cleaning. It has many advantages,

Air film building is a new trend of green building

It is a real green building with economy, easy construction, easy demolition, energy conservation and environmental protection.