Application of Air Film Architecture in Industry

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Gas film building is a kind of building form that has developed rapidly in recent years. Its advantages such as air support, no beam and no column inside, fast construction and no pollution are welcomed and paid attention to by everyone. At the same time, it has also been applied to all walks of life. Today, I will show you the application of gas film building in industry-gas film coal shed.

Characteristics of Gas Film Coal Shed;

1. Ventilation design The gas film totally enclosed coal shed follows the scientific ground ventilation design and adopts the replacement ventilation principle. The ventilation efficiency coefficient is much higher than that of ordinary ventilation, thus improving the air quality in the coal shed, reducing the concentration of floating dust in the air and reducing the health risks of workers.

2. The unique structural characteristics of the cost economy, energy saving and emission reduction gas film coal bunker determine its cost economy, which is only 50% of the traditional coal bunker and saves 40% of the operating energy consumption. In addition, the materials used in the construction of the gas film are new environmental protection building materials, which can greatly save high energy consumption building materials such as steel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions for the society.

3. There is an intelligent ventilation system in the gas film coal shed with dust concentration in the warehouse. The number of fans to be turned on is controlled according to the dust concentration in the gas film. Probe holes for testing the gas concentration are left at the top of the design. At the same time, a multi-leaf regulating air outlet is installed in the coal yard to ensure stable dust density in the warehouse and prevent explosion caused by high dust density.

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