How Does The Chromatic Aberration Of PTFE Membrane Structure Occur?

What we see is a thin PTFE membrane material, but the manufacturing process needs to perform 5 to 10 coating processes. The high temperature during the dipping process will cause the innermost glass fiber to turn yellow (the color will recover after sun exposure) When the color is not restored, the membrane material will appear earthy brown.

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How does the chromatic aberration of the membrane structure occur? What we see is a thin PTFE membrane material, but it needs 5 to 10 coating processes during the manufacturing process. The high temperature during the dipping process will cause the innermost glass fiber to turn yellow ( The color will recover after sun exposure), the film will appear earthy brown when the color is not recovered. The raw materials and processes of the PTFE membrane materials with a unified brand are the same, the production batches are different, and the reasons for storage and transportation will cause the membrane materials to be exposed to different degrees of sunlight, and the innermost glass fiber color will be restored. If they are inconsistent, the color of the appearance will be different, which is what we call color difference.

PTFE membrane structure encounters color difference, how can we solve it?

First of all, we must determine whether the color difference of the film material is the same as the brand model. This requires the supplier to provide formal certification materials; second, the sample film will be sent to a third-party organization to test whether the quality of the film material is up to standard. In the case of no problem in the above two points, the film material with color difference can generally return to a uniform color after a period of sun exposure. In fact, even for different types of PTFE membrane materials, after sufficient exposure time, the color will be classified as white and uniform. Therefore, after the color difference occurs in your membrane structure, just wait patiently and the color will return to the same. If you want to speed up the process, you can use the sun light for continuous illumination.

From the perspective of years of membrane construction experience, it is normal for the membrane structure to occasionally exhibit color differences. The standard area of each roll of newly-made membrane material is fixed, because the membrane structure pays attention to planning and construction according to local conditions, that is, tailor-made. In the process of processing and cutting the film material, it is likely to use multiple rolls of film material. When the batch of film material is different, there may be a color difference in the film structure. In addition, even for the same batch of film materials, the project engineering volume is relatively large, and the processing cycle of the film material equipment is long, which may also cause the color difference of the film material.

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