What Is The Environmental Protection And Safety Role Of Gas Film Coal Shed?

The gas film construction cycle is fast, pollution-free and safe, which is very suitable for the coal storage in coal yard.

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At the beginning of the collection of environmental protection taxes, companies realized the seriousness of environmental protection and safety issues in coal storage. The Environmental Protection Agency has even rectified the forced closure of some non-compliant coal yards. If you want to complete the construction of the coal yard in a short period of time, the gas film coal shed is the first choice. The construction period of the gas film is fast, which is very suitable for the development needs of coal storage in the coal yard.

The use of gas film buildings for coal storage belongs to the category of safety that must be ensured. In addition, safety measures must be formulated to ensure the safety of the personnel of the gas film coal shed, and it is quickly and very easily evacuated from the dangerous place. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the concentration of coal dust in the gas film coal shed cannot be too high. Too high will cause a series of dangers. The shed is equipped with a dust reduction and dust suppression system to detect the situation in the coal shed in real time. When the dust in the coal shed is too high , The system will automatically turn on for dust reduction operation.

The gas film coal shed is also equipped with a gas probe. Once gas accumulation occurs, the probe will automatically alarm and turn on all extensions to eliminate gas. In the design of gas film coal sheds, attention should also be paid to the ground conditions, environmental conditions, load conditions, etc. of the site and public safety investigations must be carried out, and finally a plan suitable for this should be made.

The shape of the gas film coal shed structure also needs to meet the problem of the accumulation of snow, melting snow water, and rain water under the design internal pressure, which is not easy to produce.

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